Operation Super Chicken

Operation Super Poulet is a project proposed in French Schools.
It consists of the following action: for a “fake” egg purchased, a hen is bought and given to a family in a developing country.
Today, chickens are being distributed in Ecuador and Togo, and the operation extends to Paraguay.

It starts from the following statement:

  • 795 million people suffer from hunger in the world, i.e. 1 in 9 persons and the number includes mainly children from developing countries.
  • Hens bring animal protein into the diet. Eggs are one of the few highly nutritious foods. * *
  • The hen is the least-consuming animal meat in water, compared to beef or pork. Moreover, its environmental impact is the lowest.

* * International Impacts report on chickens in population feeding in developing countries – Camille Drochon-Rouillard, Purpan Agricultural Engineering school, 2017.

. The operation takes place in 3 steps:

Step 1: Presentation to students.

the program, through an educational and informative session, is adapted to the teachings of school teachers.

Step 2: Operation an egg bought, a hen offered.


In 2017, bouncing balls were sold 9 euros (one Egg for 9 euros).

Step 3: Buying chickens in developing countries.

Step 4: Taking pictures and videos with the students.

We came back several weeks later in order to show concretely to the children, the parents, and the pedagogical team that the operation was carried out correctly, thanks to photos and videos.

An economic and environmental impact assessment is then carried out, in particular, by agricultural engineers present in some countries.