Come for the animation of a Summer Camp in Ecuador – July 2020

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Aide à l'enfance défavorisée en Equateur


Animation of a summer colony in Quito in Ecuador in a Foundation welcoming children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Dates: June 30 to August 2, 2020

Profile sought: A good level of Spanish, skills and experiences in the field of animation and supervision of groups of children and adolescents, responsible, enterprising and dynamic.

Mission schedule:

  • 1 week of adaptation and preparation
  • 3 weeks of colony and 2/3 days of being in the summer camp with children Amazon rainforest.
  • Your mission is carried out from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm (times may vary depending on the activities and outings planned during the week).
  • Your weekends are free, plan to bring along your hiking shoes, swimsuit, etc. as there are lots of beautiful things to do and discover in this country !



Participate to a crowdfunding before your mission to finance the proposed activities and the trip. French and Ecuadorian teams of NOG will help you for crowdfunding. The stay is outside the foundation’s annual budget. The final budget will identify possible activity opportunities for children.

Animation: Schedule of activities will prepare with volunteers team. The program will be built as a team. All activities are possible as long as they are adapted to the children’s ages and simple to explain in Spanish.

Plan to alternate sports, manual, cultural activities… Special times for teenagers will have to be set up. It is important to find a theme for the colony that will serve as a common thread.


Practical information and Conditions:

  • International Plane ticket at your expense. You can also tax your plane ticket only (French people) : a ticket of 1,000 euros is less than 340 euros after tax exemption, via the link
  • Accommodation, full filled by our NGO: volunteers’ will be housed in Quito and provided with good comfort. The apartment in which the volunteers will be house has a kitchen, and volunteers have the opportunity to make their own meal.
  • Means of communication on site, fulfilled by our NGO: internet in the house of the volunteers.
  • Money: In total, expect approximately $300 /month for your expenses of food, transport, personal expenses, tourism…
  • Health recommendations: (section: advice to travelers).
  • The trainee must be a member of the NGO International Impact.
  • You will be responsible for making a donation of 150 euros allocated to the expenses of organization of mission*. This donation, completed with the membership, will thus make it possible to reserve the mission.

*Not refundable in case of withdrawal (or 50 euros after tax exemption).

  • Once your plane ticket is purchased and your dates are known, you will be required to pay health insurance and repatriation of 64 euros per month of the mission (any commited month is due), or 16 euros after tax exemption.

  • You will be invited to attend a Preparation day around March/April 2020.

Needed volunteers number: 5 volunteers



If you are interested in the mission, you can send an email (indicate if you speak Spanish, if you have animation diploma) along  with your CV at: with subject: Candidature colonie Ecuasol 2020 before 31 December, 2019. Applications will be processed in order of arrival.


La Foundation:

Ecuasol is one of the programs of the NGO International Impact, which helps disadvantaged children and adolescents in a slum in Quito, Pisuli. The Foundation hosts around 60 children from 6 to 18 years old. Children come to the Foundation for half a day to do their homework, eat a balanced meal and participate in various activities. The Foundation is financed by French sponsors who pay a certain sum of money every month. Our goal is to give children the means to continue their education and to have a job that allows them to live decently.

The Foundation therefore provides the child with financial, medical, psychological, social and nutritional support which is essential for their academic success.

The mission takes place in the slum of Pisuli. During the summer months, we do not provide tutoring classes, but we do a summer camp instead. This camp is eagerly awaited by children and allows them the opportunity to be away from home or off the street. Your mission, as a volunteer, is to animate the Campamento. You will be supervised on the spot by the local referents and by other French volunteers.


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To apply for this job email your details to