Admitted to the Paris Bar, Alix and Victoria have given two months of volunteer work for disadvantaged children in Latin America

Victoria et Alix, bénévoles
Hello Alix and Victoria, you have decided to go on an international mission,
Why did you want to leave?
After both passing the bar exam in Paris, we wanted to take a break from our studies before entering law school and use our time to support a cause that is close to our hearts. Having benefited for five years from almost free university studies, we wanted to put ourselves at the service of children who did not have this chance, we had no precise idea in terms of destination, except that we were looking for an NGO in Latin America since we speak Spanish and that this greatly facilitates contact with the populations.
How did you hear about International Impact’s missions?
In order to finance our project, we worked in various start-ups and, on this occasion, we met Marianne Fauquette, a former Ecuasol volunteer who had spent a year in Quito in civic service. She took the time to meet us and talk at length about her experience, which had delighted her, so we asked her more about the help that the Ecuasol Foundation provides to disadvantaged children in Quito, which was perfectly in line with the type of project we wanted to join.
However, as we are neither teachers nor psychologists, we have looked for different ways to make ourselves useful, in particular by using our legal reflexes in the service of the Foundation. To do this, in agreement with International Impact, the volunteers present on site and the management team, we have set up a mission focused on the rights of women and children victims of domestic violence.
What is your mission?
This consists in drafting a practical legal guide containing first of all a statistical overview of violence against women and children in Ecuador, secondly the procedures to be followed in the event of violence and finally a directory containing contacts of various organisations present in Quito and specialised in helping these victims. is your mission?
How does your mission work? Contact with children, families? other volunteers?
Nous avons été accueillies avec beaucoup de gentillesse par les volontaires présents sur place, lesquels nous ont très rapidement présentées aux enfants et au corps encadrant. Depuis, nous nous sommes rendues plusieurs fois à la Fondation afin de jouer avec les enfants et les connaître davantage. Nous avons également participé avec joie à une journée de cohésion d’équipe avec les encadrants et les volontaires au sein d’un parc national proche de Quito.
Our mission is going very well but requires a lot of research beforehand, so we share our time between the Alliance Française library, various training courses and legal conferences.
Do you appreciate your mission? Would you recommend to other people with the same training as you to go to a developing country as well?
We very much appreciate our mission and hope to have time to organize a workshop with the children to make them aware of their rights, as victims of domestic violence do not initiate many legal proceedings because they are not aware of their rights. There is therefore enormous progress to be made in this area and, to this end, the help of volunteer lawyers would be welcome, especially as legislative and media progress is being made on the issue of domestic violence.