In Master 1 at Sciences Po Lyon, Madeleine went on an internship in Togo with International Impact

Madeleine Carlini

In her mission report, Madeleine gives us her conclusions: and her conclusions:

“My internship at International Impact with the NGO A.N.G.E. was very interesting because I was able to observe and understand the functioning of a structure that has a national and international influence. It is a structure that works very well in Togo. By taking a step back, by discussing with Gabriel and Carlos, my internship teacher, I was able to reflect, analyze and understand the strengths and weaknesses of A.N.G.E. This internship also taught me the importance of communication in case of misunderstanding, of kindness. Multiculturality is an essential aspect to be taken into account in a collaboration between two people from different cultures. I discovered it, considered it and understood it. This experience also allowed me to observe the dynamics that are becoming more and more important in Africa and especially in Togo: economic, social and environmental development initiatives. I am very interested in the environment and during my stay in Togo, discover Mon Refuge and its agro-pastoral system, study the ANGE reforestation project, were environmental approaches that allowed me to observe the state of transition in Togo and to imagine future projects.”