Marie begins a 12-month mixed France – Latin America Civic Service

Since I was a child, I have always felt a strong attraction for the fields of humanitarian aid and international solidarity. I had the opportunity to participate in some solidarity actions in my region but whose scope was relatively limited. When I discovered the alternative of civic service at the age of 21, I immediately saw it as an opportunity to be able to give more scope to this desire for commitment and to set foot in this sector that has interested me for so long. I then decided to take a break from my studies to join a mixed France-Ecuador mission in the NGO International Impact. It was an opportunity for me to observe and learn about the workings of humanitarian organizations, to take part in a concrete project of exciting public interest, to mature my professional project with greater hindsight, but also to go abroad for several months and open myself to a new culture.

My mission this year at International Impact will be divided into two parts:

Initially in France, it will consist in promoting and raising young people’s awareness of important international issues such as knowledge and respect for foreign peoples and cultures, the defence of human rights, sustainable development, malnutrition issues,… through the presentation and encouragement of humanitarian action and the commitment to international solidarity. I will be able to inform and guide different audiences often composed of young people to facilitate their engagement and investment in international projects. I will also support and assist in the development of the Super Chicken operation, developed by our association, which finances laying hens to be distributed to families in disadvantaged countries.

In a second step I will fly for 3 months to Ecuador with the Ecuasol Foundation, which helps children in a slum on the outskirts of Quito, the capital, by supporting their academic and social education, but also by offering support on financial and health issues as well as psychological support for families. The association is based on a sponsorship system for the children who benefit from the programme.

During these 12 months of commitment, I hope to be able to discover the workings of the world of solidarity, to test myself in these conditions and to come out of it stronger and nourished by an enriching associative and above all human experience. May my mission be as useful to me as it is to others.


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