Sport and Solidarity

International Impact also invests in sport!

  • A sale of Fondaction football jerseys for the benefit of the International Impact Sports and solidarity actions was carried out during the replays of the quarterfinal, semifinal and final matches of the 2018 World Cup.
  • Our Ecuasol program hosted the Pan American Football project. It consists of a descent from the American continent in 2cv, from Montreal to Rio de Janeiro, around a positive foot and bearer of meaning by 2 boys Pierre Pitoiset and Eric Carpentier. Programs using football as a development tool are visited and, on the road, improvised matches are played as often as possible with the people you meet. A way to highlight the characteristics that need to define the game of Football are: popularity, universality and solidarity.

A book is offered for Sale. All the profits are paid to the collective “En Jeu” and framework of the team of France of the Homeless.

Book a balloon trip- Eric Caprentier.