Our history

The Beginnings:
On June 5, 2001, Jean-Christophe CRESPEL, Auray Aun, director of the Cambodian NGO Krousar Thmey (new Family in Khmer), and François-Xavier TRAMOND, professor of scholarships for NGO improvement studies at Sciences Po Paris, founded the NGO called “Humanitarian World Tour.”

The statement by Auray and Jean-Christophe is as follows: “if the NGOs manage to raise funds, they have more difficulty communicating their impacts, and what they accomplish through donations.” So, why not take advantage of new means of communication to see, picture, film and post online what the money given is used for? This would provide support to NGOs, inspire volunteerism, raise public awareness of international solidarity, build donor loyalty, and improve accountability.

The project, in this case, takes the form of a world tour called Nomads on Line and is based on 3 pillars: travel, solidarity and new technologies.

The journey will be taking the two participants to 20 countries in Asia and Latin America to meet with more than 20 NGO partners.

The NGO receives different forms of support including, but not limited to, those of the Ministry of Foreign and European affairs, the Institut Pasteur, the National geographical institute, the Société Générale, the Guide of the backpacker, new frontiers, etc.

The project has been a success with more than 150 000 visitors to the site and a strong media coverage including M6, TV5, France 3, la chaîne voyages, Europe 1 with Laurent, RTL 2, Europe 2, NRJ, major reports, etc. affecting several million people.

A film will be produced to spread information in schools to raise awareness of the importance of education in the World:

The birth of Ecuasol:
The meetings in Ecuador has encouraged Jean Christophe CRESPEL and former volunteers to co-found the Fundacion ECUASOL – Ecuadorian NGO for the aid of disadvantaged Children. It operates in a slum north of Quito, the capital. ECUASOL for 15 years has been supporting children in their education and schooling.It operates in a slum north of Quito, the capital. ECUASOL for 15 years has been supporting children in their education and schooling.
It prepares the population for situations of natural disasters. By 2017, Ecuasol will have enabled more than 100 children to attend school, thousands of people to be prepared for future disasters and a hundred European volunteers to come and help the poor.

Standby and renewed Activity:
From 2004 to 2006 the Humanitarian World Tour Association carried out lectures and photo exhibitions,
after which it took a pause and is now going to reactivate in 2013 to accompany students from the agricultural engineering school of Purpan who had internships in developing countries, namely, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
It reactivated again in 2013 in order to accompany students from the School of Agricultural engineers of Purpan to go on internships in developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

International Impact:
In January 2017, the NGO “Tour of the humanitarian world” changed its name and became “International Impact”. By creating International impact, Jean Christophe CRESPEL’s mission is to accompany in the field and in the Council the Solidarity organisations, the volunteers and the donors in order to optimise the impact of their solidarity actions, whether they are social, Economic or Environmental.