Do you represent an NGO?
A school? A university? A training institute?
Do you represent a company?
A territorial community?
or a foundation? or even an endowment fund?

We can help you improve your solidarity Impact.

How? Mainly by 3 levers:

Human resources: you often need skills, time, and energy to carry out your actions at the lowest cost or even for free : we find you the right profiles (young or experienced), good skills and expertise to meet your NEEDS. You benefit from our approvals and our partnerships to obtain interns, Civic services and European volunteers, in France, in Europe and from around the WORLD-

Financial Support: you have financial needs to carry out your Projects. You want your projects to take shape. Whether on an ad hoc basis or on a regular basis, we allow our donors and donors to be in a social investment logic. The search for an economic model and respect for the environment is at the heart of our actions. We can help you, while allowing our partners to tax their donations to the benefit of your actions.

Strategic Advice: to initiate a project, nothing like to be advised by experienced people and professionals. Aligning its name, its object and its actions makes it possible to achieve true coherence. Based on the experience of our members, we then accompany the structures into the change in scale and in providing access to private and public funding.