Become a member

Become a member of the NGO!

To be a member is to adhere to the mission of the NGO, International Impact: “Optimise the impact of your solidarity actions.”

This means that by adhering, you too, are looking to “create a positive and long lasting impact on projects, people and their environments in a general interest through social and economic development, education, culture, sport, health projects and food aid at a local and international level”, as described in the purpose of our Statutes.

You confirm that you will respect the “International Impact Volunteer Charter“.

To be a member is to be invited and to participate in the ordinary general meeting which takes place once a year. It is to make available these wonderful causes that we support. Additionally, you will be able to see the balance of the past year’s actions, the precise and transparent state of our financial accounts and the broad guidelines for the coming year.

As a member, you become the ambassadors and actors of the NGO in your neighborhoods, villages, and regions.

Membership is valid for one calendar year. It is renewed every year at the beginning of the year on January 1st. It can be stopped by simple mail with 15 days in advance.

To become a member, complete the following bulletin and send it to us by mail at the address indicated.




Note: For member organisations not located in the European Union and for which SEPA direct debits are not possible, please pay for your membership using this form. A receipt will be sent to you automatically.

Remember to renew your membership on January 1st of each year: