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Activités pour les enfants francophones de 3 à 12 ans

The association Le P’tit Victor is a member of the NGO International Impact. 

Le Petit Victor is a non-profit association under German law, supervised by a board of parents, managed by a motivated team and supported by 60 animators. The main goal is to offer group leisure activities to the children of the French School in the afternoons, once they get out of class. The activities are available online on the organization’s website and cover the following areas: Sport, Music (Musical Awakening and Instruments), Art, Cooking Classes, Languages ​​and Culture, Discoveries and Crafts. During the school year, the association uses the premises of the Lycée Français Victor Hugo in Frankfurt-Rödelheim but is legally independent. In addition to weekly activities, they also organize “holiday games” and sports camps outside during school holidays.

The institution is under agreement with the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad). The volunteer will help the management team of the association in the implementation of development missions, as well as in the search for sponsors and partners.

Detailed description of the mission : – search for sponsors and development of partnerships with companies or administrative services to obtain grants – search for new infrastructures adapted for holiday games – help in finding new partners for sports projects – search for activities to raise children’s awareness of ecology and sustainable development on a daily basis (eg respect for the cleanliness of the premises and the courtyard, recycling of everyday objects in musical instruments or other …) – search for ideas to expand the offer of daily activities- Establishment of cooperative games for children for “good living together (conflict resolution, role playing, mobbing: topics covered in the form of games). 

The mission essentially requires adaptability, responsiveness, creativity. It allows to develop capacities of synthesis, writing and organization. The mission of the volunteers will complement the activities of the salaried team in place. The employees of the structure are there to supervise, train, advise, accompany the young people. of the civic service during the mission.Qualities appreciated: Talents musical, sporting and / or artisticQualities human: Flexibility, motivation, team spirit, autonomy, responsiveness.

Qualities: Musical, sports and / or artistic talents

Qualities: Flexibility, motivation, team spirit, autonomy, responsivenessApartment or roommate with a cost of around 500 euros in Frankfurt am Main, supported up to 107.58 euros by Little Victor.

Apartment or roommate with a cost of about 500 euros in Frankfurt am Main, supported up to 107.58 euros by P’tit Victor.Volunteers have an impact on the following Sustainable Development Goals: Mainly- 4. Education of Quality but also 3. “Good health and well-being”. 5. Equality between the sexes. 10. Inequalities reduced. 11. Sustainable cities and communities. 15. Terrestrial life. 16. Peace, justice and effective institutions. 17. Partnerships to achieve the objectives.

When? From April 30, 2019 (10 months, 39 hours / week)

Which area? Education for all

How many positions are available? 2

To apply for this job please visit