Day 7

Fight against sexual violence with Cameleon


The CAMELEON association was created by Laurence LIGIER and Ellien REGONDON in 1997. It currently has about 40 employees in the Philippines and 6 employees in France. In the beginning, she accompanied less than a dozen girls, today she accompanies more than 100 victims of sexual violence, between 5 and 18 years old, and sends more than 450 children to school.

CAMELEON works for a world without sexual violence, by raising awareness among local populations to change attitudes, helping victims of sexual abuse to rebuild themselves and training them in a profession.

2  MEANS :

The association has 3 centres to educate disadvantaged children and their families (facilitating integration into society). It also has a gymnasium for sports and circus (therapeutic) activities. Accompanied children are followed by medical specialists and receive psychological and psychiatric support.

The CAMELEON association has been lending land since 2016-2017 to obtain an organic farm cultivated by 17 farming parents. She has a sewing workshop in which 13 mothers make school uniforms.

 As well as a bakery in Bingawan, used by 40 mothers who work with school canteens.


International Impact has provided the CAMELEON association with 5 civic services since April 2019.


The construction of additional buildings for the new Reception Centre for young girls on the island of Negros.

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