Angélique Girardin

Treasurer of International Impact, expert in education, graduated from a master’s degree in psychology with a specialization in child development Angélique GIRARDIN has always wanted to be a teacher and thus understand the functioning of the child and the great mechanisms of learning.  

During her university studies and IUFM training, she was a volunteer trainee for an association working with “zebra” children (children with high potential) before becoming a teacher in the same association which had just set up a specialised school for children with high potential. 

Angélique GIRARDIN then worked in the French national education system as a teaching assistant and as a facilitator in second-chance school schemes, while at the same time following a course in accounting and business management with the aim of setting up her home-based tutoring company with her father.   

In order to be able to practice her profession according to her “convictions” Angélique GIRARDIN has also followed additional training over the years in neuro, cognitive sciences and, more recently, in RMT/brain gym/archaic reflexes.   

 In 2012-2013, Angélique GIRARDIN was elected president of the FOYER RURAL of her village and thus avoided the closure of the latter. She took advantage of this opportunity to train herself in administrative and financial management of an association (a rural hostel being a popular education association governed by the law of 1901).   

At the end of 2016, Angélique GIRARDIN returned to her home town of Herblay and left the presidency of the Foyer Rural in 2017 after having given it a new lease of life and a real usefulness recognised by and for the inhabitants.  

Finally, always driven by the need to make herself useful, Angélique GIRARDIN started looking for a complementary voluntary activity, compatible with her professional activity, and which would above all respond to her personal convictions. It was then that she met Jean Christophe thanks to an announcement on social networks and thus naturally joined the Board of Directors of International Impact.

At the same time, Angélique GIRARDIN is also involved with an association helping people with illnesses and disabilities by volunteering to teach computer skills to its beneficiaries. She joined their board of directors and has been its president since the end of 2019.