1680 pairs of glasses for Burkina Faso

copyright photo fondation optic 2000

Copyright Photo Foundation Optic 2000

On 27 November last International Impact went to meet the order of Malta as part of an exceptional donation of nearly 1680 pairs of glasses.

The latter were sent to us by an anonymous donor, who we are immensely thankful toward. We were able to learn more about this NGO and mainly about its actions in relation to glasses.

The Order of Malta indeed collects pairs and then sorts them to send them later to countries such as Cameroon, Togo, Mali, Congo, Cambodia and Madagascar. Only pairs in good condition and without progressive, double-hearth or cylinder lenses are sent to health facilities abroad.

The goggles given, including several hundred child pairs, will be sent to Burkina Faso to add corrective lenses.

This gift of glasses will allow those who do not have the means to access this type of care and especially children who benefit more rarely from this type of donation.

We have made the choice to give these pairs to the order of Malta but other associations or foundations such as the Foundation Optic 2000, the Fondation, the “Medico Lions Club de France” or spectacles without Borders work on the same principle and in the same Purpose.

If you also wish to make a donation of any kind, financial or material, do not hesitate to contact us!