Our new partner: Hub School 21

International Impact is proud to present its new partner: Hub School 21

A young structure welcoming, for the moment, about 15 pupils from the CE2 to the 3rd, Hub School 21 was born in the heart of Vincennes at the beginning of the year 2017.

It is born out of an observation: the French classical education system does not evolve fast enough in relation to the evolution of society and its young people.

Indeed, this shift more and more often pointed out seems to only be increasing and has become really worrying:

  • Only 16% of college students say they love going to school.
  • 80% of the psychological consultations of children are motivated by the ill-being in the school environment.
  • It is almost 100,000 students each year who are breaking up with a school system to which they do not correspond.

In the Face of this situation, Hub School 21, the School of the 21st century, was born to try to respond to these problems and to curb the growing disinterest of young people in the school environment. Its objective: to create an educational model adapted to the needs of today. It proposes an inclusive educational alternative, motivating and benevolent, centered first on the human, but also the nature or the new technologies… To train happy and conscious citizens of tomorrow and authors of a sustainable world.

What is at Hub School 21 is the real desire to create a system that adapts to all and especially to children with special needs: two thirds of students have difficulties in learning and/or adapting to schools (DYS disorders, ADHD, early, etc…).

They are welcomed in multi-age classes, for intergenerational activities, and cross-cultural projects related to the outside world: other schools, companies and partner organisations, associative actors…. Hub School 21 aims to create an educational ecosystem that brings together actors engaged in managerial innovation and education: research, incubators, start-ups, associations, companies of social economy and solidarity etc… Bringing real wealth to student learning.

Moreover, always in this logic of accessibility to all and everyone, the tuition fees are staggered according to the incomes of the parents.

Hub School 21 gives itself many missions, and among them is the fight against the digital divide. Indeed, one could almost say that digital is part of the DNA of Hub School 21. Its extensive use allows to personalize the learning for each pupil, to adapt the rhythm, to collaborate between the pupils and with other structures in France and abroad. The students are thus placed in the position of researchers and authors, at ease with the tools of today and tomorrow.

The structure has the support of many groups and actors recognized in the educational field, and has as its godmother the actress and director Mélanie Laurent, very involved in the climatic cause.

Affected by this innovative and truly useful project, International Impact has decided to accompany its development on our three levers:

  • Strategic advice: Support to the governance of the association.
  • Financial support: Assistance in the search for financing. You can participate by making a donation here.
  • Human resources: Creation of new Civic Service missions within this inspiring structure, including joint missions in partnership with other structures abroad such as in Quebec or Spain for example! We want to give young people the opportunity to learn and draw inspiration from this beautiful initiative, as well as to perpetuate this structure and its positive impact.

If your organization also needs support on these topics, please contact us!