Pre-Impact Calendar

Here is the Pre-Impact Calendar. Donate to maximize your social, economic and environmental impact!
Every day discover a new project supported by International Impact. Support these projects in turn:

Day 1


Educate street children with ANGE

Day 2

Support our teenagers to become MaxiEntrepreneurs

Day 3

Empower agriculture with Trésor de Nature

Day 4

Support disadvantaged children with ECUASOL

Day 5

Learn how to code computers with Simplon

Day 6

Recycle ocean plastic with Earth Wake

Day 7

Fight against sexual violence with Cameleon

Day 8

Enjoy an adventure in solidarity with Impact à 5

Day 9

Develop Family Farming with Agrimundo

Day 10

Help social archaeology with Instituto Puneno


Support youth with MAP Réussite

Day 12

Help the underprivileged in Madagascar

Day 13

Assist refugees with ActionAid Hellas

Day 14

Super Poulet

Fight malnutrition with Super Chicken

Day 15

Help children affected by AIDS with OSI

Day 16

Develop solidarity and volunteering with HVSF

Day 17

Rediscover Art with Phare Ponleu Selpak

Day 18

Fight against poverty with Comunidad Esperanza

Day 19

Train to agriculture with Kaïgama

Day 20

Innovate education with Hub School 21

Day 21

Live social archaeology with Archéodysée

Day 22

Preserve Mayan culture with Arutam

Day 23

Rescue young people from prostitution with CASA

Day 24

Look after the planet with the Fundación Chiriboga

Important : In the next step, you can choose to give:
– for all supported projects
– for the projects of your choice