Viral War III

After World War I and World War II, our generations are living through Viral War III.

Each generation has its own global crisis. The one we’re living through will go down in history.

We didn’t see it coming. Yet yes, we knew that our world was accelerating, that demographic pressure was increasing, that our lifestyles were only adapting under the constraint of a general upheaval.

All around us, people were falling into burnout. Our weekends resembled our weeks, without disconnection. So did our holidays. So we sought to reconnect with ourselves, with our loved ones, with nature.

A world that moves faster, a world that beats harder. An internationalized world. A world where many of us were looking for our bearings. Why all this? Aren’t we forgetting about our land, our environment, the people we have left behind? Or more personally, more selfishly, our well-being?

At a time when hunger in the world was no longer in the media, when certain NGOs were trying in vain to alert public opinion to economic and social violence, at a time when we thought that the biggest virus we were likely to come across was computer viruses, here comes evil from elsewhere.

It allows us to stop the whirlwind. It forces us to stop, to question ourselves, to start again.

Let’s take the time to fight this invisible and yet non-virtual, physical enemy.

What if this evil, to which we have given a name, is only the visible face of a world, of people, suffering.

What remains will be Victory. Tomorrow remains to be written.

To win this War, let’s make respect for the environment, for human beings, for the common good …go …viral!